ETA on UI Improvements

Katrina B

4RG#2735: echoes my comments a few days ago. It would be really great to have an eta on some fixes - particularly the blockchain interfacing ( anything to do with wallet interactions! ) so we can upgrade / hatch / mate / continue growing our levels, etc.

While this is an alpha - it’s still not ideal to leave your testers in a situation where the commitment they’ve made to play the app regularly is diminishing because of the changes that were introduced. I mean there are some pretty significant user experience changes that do not feel particularly well considered for serious users / players of the app/game. Seemed like a lot of attention was placed on prettying things up and not a lot on actual usage for DAU’s.

So as mentioned previously - I get it’s an alpha and happy to support and help it get better - BUT out of respect for all the players who have noted that the fun is broadly gone from the experience - wouldn’t it be great if you could give us an eta on some of fixes that might improve our experience? I fear you’ll lose interest relatively fast.

TLDR; version: wen blockchain integration work again? Wen UX improvements expected to be properly improved?

Thanks 🙂