Multiple bug/feature feedback

Katrina B

Magypto#8696-my upgrade from level 19 to 20 didn't give me any prompt as to what the level increase gave me-used to always get one unless this is an intended change.
-i see others are reporting downgradeto 4 bees send off
-i have a bee #2500 Been stuck harvesting forever i just finally caught his number today with the changes lol
-banking-sol deposit issue was raised already as well as the hatching screen suggestion to show eggs without having to hit the plus button
-in the hive the top right icons-inventory and rewards are redundant?
-the lands screen can we see a total count of our bees on missions? We had it in previous versions i think as like 50 rewards to claim indicated out of 100 bees on active/completed missions. Or total count of hunt/harvest separately in the bees activity screen