Queen Upgrades. Bugs/Features

Katrina B

Clearblue#3655: I haven’t been able to change Queen moods via upgrading in Alpha yet. Assumed it wasn’t released yet, but on the off chance it is, but isn’t working, I wanted to state it here.

**Could it be possible to still use Queen Upgrade items on Queens that have been fully maxed out, to allow for changing moods?

This would only change the moods at that point. But this would give additional utility to those items while also giving additional utility to fully upgraded and maxed breeding Queens.

**Doesn't the mood change everytime the queen breeds? It does add some complexity when you run out of breeds. It's definitely an opportunity for a mood adjusting item to be added to the game. OR, maybe they wanted it this way to encourage MP sales of maxed queens? It definitely creates a unique secondary market

**Perhaps, if this doesn't exist, there could be a mood breeding algo where two different mood pairs equal a third different mood. Like a recipe for end result moods. Then you could max out a queen and preserve the mood ALSO, creates value in the MP for secondary sales Win-Win Also, creating MP demand doesn't just reward the devs. It maintains asset values, which brings exposure to the game and keeps DAU high.