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Apoorv S

SG80: Madmesusa “He has an enormous treasure of Honey that IF anyone…” Missing the if. Sounds weird otherwise
Bullet Money: “…poison gun make everyone QUESTION THE thought…” Away of though again sounds a little off
“Received my FirstGeneration BEE - Egg” currently Egg - Bee. The Queen egg was fine.


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So happy to see that spelling and grammar changes are in process. As I offered in the Discord, I'm happy to help look over ALL of the in-game wording as there's a lot that needs to be updated in just the screens I've come across. I feel that having this done before game launch is VITAL as errors of this type really don't make a strong first impression. The game is SO beautiful, I would hate to see people turned off by something so (hopefully) easy to fix.


Dev D

Status changed to: In progress