Account/Hive Skill Tree


Aside from the unlocks from leveling, it may be good to have some sort of a skill tree wherein we would be able to unlock and level up different boosts depending on which path we prefer. We earn 1 "skill point" everytime our account/hive levels up.

This would create additional variations and burn for the game.

Leveling a certain skill/boost could cost HXD to level up. A huge amount of HXD can also be a cost to reset the skill points and be able to re-assign them on a different path.

Skills could include effects such as "Reduce HXD stolen by the enemy during a failed defense by x%", Increase HXD stolen during a successful attack by x%", "Add x% Agility to all bees during harvest", "Add x% chance to double the shards gained thru hunting", "Reduce the effect of poison bombs/cursed honey by x%", etc.