Moongati Sol

Battles and being attacked is very discouraging, originally lost all my THT after a few days of little play to start with. Maybe the option to battle comes earlier and necessity comes later? Or the amount you loose changes depending on what level you are (example level 2 only .5THT, level 10 5THT).


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Katrina B

Leofric#4058: Maybe the Bee HP left after battle, Bee atk/def/agi, Bee skills/likes/dislike/specialty. Things that matter during the battle that would help us strategize forming better teams without having to watch the replay.

TD:to expound on this (Leofric's suggestion above), general damage summaries should include how much damage each bee did any healing each bee did. Also, in terms of generalized knowledge could we have an in-game listing of existing Bee special attacks and what they do? it will help in terms of people looking at "how tf did x do that much damage" and maybe a toggle choice for people who desire even more detail like how the damage for a certain skill is calculated