Decreased Playability

Katrina B

4RG#2735: Nice to see a UX update but the playability has decreased significantly.

It take way too many clicks to do things.
1. When reviewing what shards can be hunted, they are way too small to be understood visually. So you have to tap to get the helper text to tell you what it is. I understand the idea of rationalising the visuals / icons, but you’ve made them harder to see and understand fast. Makes me feel like you want me to waste time on the app not enjoy time on the app.

2. When going to hunt or harvest, the way you now have to add and select bees takes waaaaaaay too many clicks. Select the slot the select the bee then select the next slot then scroll and select the next bee. Previous system was better for quickly adding bees to harvest or hunt. It’s 4x the time to do this. Which for a small hive isn’t an issue. But for 60+ bees it’s a real chore. Not enjoyable. And a real time commitment every time in the day. Don’t like it one bit.

3. UX - overall seems cleaner and more rationalised. But by going cleaner we’ve lost some character, and ability to see what’s what / identify icons more easily cause they all look too samey.

4. Continued errors. Can’t craft nfts, can’t upgrade bees, can’t mate… it’s alpha but I feel we may have gone one step forward and 2 steps backward on backend integration with front end.

All this being said, it’s good to see real progress. I look forward to seeing the next set of tweaks. But at the moment I don’t think I can play or enjoy it anymore.

Will try a few more things and feedback anything else that comes up. Then perhaps will spend less time on Honeyland ( which I believe is the last thing you want?! )

5. Upgrading bees fails
6. Going to Sonar buzz lands doesn’t work ( error )
7. All my previously favourited lands are gone
8. No idea how to select a land for HUNTING and not harvesting. Seems the only option is to bloody harvest
9. I figured out hunting - there’s an option after you’ve selected a bee. Meaning I have to click another time for each bee I send. This is just not great.
10. One positive is that you’re clearly trying to create option. Nice to be able to fave a land for hunting or harvesting
11. Collecting a harvest reward works but locks up the app - discord.com/channels/933556625170636831/1036813253394825216/1070633831280943124


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Katrina B

rowi#9547: I honestly miss the old version, but maybe it’s just a matter of time to get used to the new one. One thing for sure the new colour scheme gives me a sad feeling. Searching a land now takes 3 clicks, while in the old version it took 1 click (loved the magnifying glass version) I am curious what is the reason for the design change? Functionality changes I can understand, but what was the problem with the design (colour, graphics, inventory items).