Exploits; PVP meta attack bees in low XP hives


Issue: PVP exploit potential by sending high Attack bees to wallets with low XP. Also with MHV this can be exploited further. New users with limited bees will be exploited as once they qualify for raids their bees Defense will not be very high. And hence will be continously attacked. This would be terrible for the game.

Need to consider how MMR is going to work. I feel that MMR could be changed so the total Bees attack stats is paried against the defending bees total defense stat, give or take 10%. This is irrespective of the Hive XP level. Pros is, this would incentivise more raids as everyone would have equal chance with a small discrepancy in stats, land speciality differences, etc.. luck and chance to speak. Cons is, there is no incentive to upgrade the Attack or Defense stat of bees. Perhaps introducing some bonus rewards might help in this... so if total stats in PVP is above 1000 you get bonus 0.25 hxd for wins, above 1100 you get bonus 0.5 hxd, etc. etc. this could provide a reason to upgrade the stats still.