Game Music

Ryan Eckert

I have really been enjoying the game, but I have a big issue with the game music or lack there of. I am aware that this is an early alpha so I understand that many things are currently omitted from the game. Having only one game music score is not going to work. There has to be many different musical scores on different menus and areas of exploration. Especially a game like Honeyland where the gameplay is all about screen transitions. I would love to see each area in the city get its own music theme. (Factory, Ice Cream, Dex, Hatching Machine, Mate House, Hive, Alchemy and Marketplace). In the Universe I feel it would be nice to have a universal theme for universe 1 and then have themes for the 5 different landforms -Meadow, Seaside, Summit, Desert and Woodland. Could even have a extreme landform music theme. I love this project and I care about its future, but having one music theme will greatly hurt Honeyland. I am aware that this is an early alpha and that many features are omitted from this version. Looking forward with great excitement!