Game Progression Idea - Make the Hive more of a ‘base’

Wolf One

I know based on Sneak peaks the City disappears in the final game version to ensure a ‘slicker’ dashboard style view. This makes sense…..but….
1. Idea one is could we make the HIVE more a ‘base’ in the game with proper utility. At the moment it is just a ‘throne room’ but would be cool to be more of a city style with utility upgrades, buildings you can add, walls maybe as Defense against raids…ability to see the bees in your hive (small icons or some representation of how many), plus lots of cosmetic upgrades….Thinking here in a lot of addictive web2 games the base is the real area players take pride in progression especially if there is real utility also.
2. A second part to this idea is could there be a different type of ‘raid’ where the base can be attacked by a swarm of bees and infiltrate to steal a larger sum of honey….The risk here is if you lose you also lose a % of bees to the defending base.
3. Third part to this idea is could these hives be visible to all players to view and attack. Maybe you can only see bases at certain XP etc….also this creates a great way for players to ‘SHOW OFF’ all their NFTs…bees, lands, items etc..