Overallo game mechanics feedback (climate fields)


first of all, the game is more fun than expected as I usually am not a fan of colony building type games.
Some thyoughts:
It is much too easy to gather bee egg shards compared to honey toklens to breed. I could collect enough shards with targeted hunting on an extreme climate plot on a single day to hatch a 1st and another 2nd gen egg. Takes MUCH longer to breed.
I find the large extreme climate area just outside the hive misplaced. I would have spread them out into the outer zones. I can just send a whole bunch of bees out with one to each plot and hunt to quickly find the spot I need and focus on that. I don't need the sonar at all.

Move the extreme climate spots to outer zones and spread these randomly. For those loosing tehir extreme climate land you could offer a swap to one of those not released yet.
I don't see much reason on why to go out to higher zone fields cat the moment. This is maybe due to the low player count. But, the concentration of extreme climate fields directly in front of the hive is a misbalance in my view.
Otherwise, thanks for a great game with fun mechanics!!