Katrina B

runedaddude#2584: Hi, I was looking over the daily xp graphic (new version) and wondering if maybe you would want to consider "unlocking" daily quests. A level 1 player with 9 gen Z bees will probably not ever be able to do "breed a bee" for a daily quest, unless they have a breed pass. I have a small army of genesis bees harvesting all day and it's still a challenge for me to gather 400 hxd to breed twice for the current daily quest. I know that's been changed to breed once daily, but I think the team should consider unlocking quests as a player levels up. I also want to suggest quests based on amount like rather than harvest 10x, harvest 10 hxd, or harvest 25 etc. Thanks for listening.
(edit, a genZ player could maybe breed a bee 1 or 2x per week eventually but I suspect daily will be tough. I know that's also a reason that those players may want to go out and buy a generation or genesis bee to motivate to get this xp easier. but still, just sayin!