Katrina B

Clearblue#3655: After 5 rounds, the attacker is auto-killed off
So the attacker has 5 rounds to wipe out the defender
If the Defender put any intelligent thought into defending, they are basically unbeatable by the first attacker
Now, if they faced back to back attackers, they could lose. So that's where the strategy comes in.
What causes one special attack/defend skill (like Katana Blade) to 1-hit kill, when the rest of the battler it does average damage, that's what we do not know.
There are buffs and heals, but not sure exactly what the buffs do, nor how to maximize either.
There appear to be debuffs, but same situation.
Is there a way to target specific bees?
Can I pair specialized skills where they will target the lowest health bee? The debuffed bee? Heal the lowest health bee? Remove debuffs?

**When attacking another player in the auto battler is what I am referring to. Defending also. Each Bee has 3 fighting skills, with unique names. How are those fighting skills ability to impact the battle affected by the stats of the bees?
I would suspect this is a highly convoluted mechanism, but even a little insight into it would be awesome.

As I see it, there are currently 4 uses for bees:
1. Harvesting
2. Hunting
3. Defending
4. Attacking

3 & 4 - are dependent on understanding these mechanisms to maximize the bees for those roles
Without this information, we are stuck optimizing bees for 1 & 2, which is fine, but it's relegating hunting items less important as a result, whereas if we had that knowledge, they could be even MORE in demand than the common ones chased now (i.e. Egg Shards)