Remove legendary shards from Gameplay.

Justin Barr

From user: Magypto#8696

Upgrades like attack, health, agility- typically increase 2 points per rarity-so common beginning at 2 and legendary at 10-but with higher stat numbers this can be 11+.

Activating items cost honey when you go to use the item.
Common-10 honey

In my opinion, if shards are hard to grind-i suggest settling for epic upgrades instead of legendary. Epic is half the shards, half the honey to activate, and only 20% less the bonus of legendary.

Typically in games we see legendary as the absolute goal, most expensive, but biggest boost (often very significantly) but as i mentioned, in this alpha we see the legendary as double the expense of epic in 2 ways and only 20% more boost.

Where timed items are concerned,
Common-12 hours
Rare-24 hours
Super rare-48 hours
Epic- 96 hours
Legendary- 192 hours

Bee attributes are mostly self explanatory but agility determines the speed at which you harvest, luck the speed at which you hunt (pretty certain). So the poison bombs and cursed honey drops you might see on lands are meant to slow other bees down, uncertain what % at this point. Also a good indication that there's likely something good there lol.


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its ok as a Option, don't need to remove it. but yes if you would consider repricing the Epic to 120 and the Lego to 200 shards with a cost of 70 and 100 respectively. see the Attached table to see the effect of the change.