Set a few minutes timer in between refresh of available bee list

Katrina B

Noticed an interesting bug the other day. When you are selecting bees to then send to a land, sometimes, while you are selecting bees, the list is refreshed and all of the bees you selected are cleared out and you have to re-select them again.

This appears to happen when the available bee list is refreshed. The list is refreshing, I believe, as bees are either returning from hunting/harvesting, lose defending the hive, or coming off of cooldown. Basically a change in another bees status. The change in status causes the list of available bees to refresh and the selections you have made to reset to 0.

A suggestion for this would be to have a timer before refreshing the list, maybe it's 1 to 5 minutes. This gives the player time to select their bees and send them.

Lots of reasons to adjust this.

1) It will remove extra compute cycles on the server, which will add up exponentially after go live
2) Sometimes players put some delicate thought into the bees they are selecting and resetting can be extremely frustrating
3) It's just a clunky design to have immediate refresh in a selection phase.
4) While the instant refresh might be great if you have 10 bees, it's really annoying if you have 100+ and are trying to keep them all out. It really slows down sending out bees, as much as 30-40%+ longer to send bees, and it just gets worse the larger the hive grows