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Katrina B

cayoung: It’s nice to see a UI upgrade and I know the team is working hard, and maybe it just takes time to get used to it, but I much prefer the old interface. The old one had a fun/innocent vibe while this one feels very professional, buttoned up and rigid. The time to send bees to hunt/harvest has legitimately probably doubled in time, almost to the point where I’ll probably pause playing until it gets fixed. It feels like even more of a chore. I like the icons in one place but they’re so small and it’s hard to know what each button does


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Katrina B

Clearblue#3655: Been holding back a lot of my specific feedback on the latest as it’s been echoed in here many many times already and the team has already stated they are working it.

My biggest complaint is always going to be time to do basic gameplay functions. This goes for any game. This last update hurt the game from this aspect, all of which has been detailed heavily of late.

The other aspect that has been mentioned is that it’s really hard to read the text. So much so that it’s a huge turnoff on using the app. The icon route is a great step forward, but I feel that really cool icon graphics were prioritized over a simple graphic that is easily recognized. The previous version had this. Sometimes, simple is better.

The extra info is nice, but like others have said, time and place.

Sending bees on hunts and harvest….it’s all been said. I simply agree with everyone else’s take.

The pauses in gameplay due to blockchain contract reads is a big negative that gets back to my original premise - remove the blockchain from the game as much as possible so people don’t see it to gain large scale adoption. This update went backwards on this aspect.

Good progression, but as has been stated, lots of room to grow.

Keep up the great work!!!


Katrina B

Damon | TheAwkwardMan#4545: If they have analytics I bet they will see a huge drop off in engagement. I’ve quit sending missions since the update 😟


Katrina B

Pirre#9284: Some Feedback on the updated version:

• Having only the Hive and the Universe is a really nice change, imo.
• Added info on shards
• The inventory categories help find stuff
• The symbols below bees to quickly see land preference and generation

• Personally I don't like the new optics too much. While I like the resolution it kinda loses the playful bee feel and instead gives a more cold business feel. But I guess this is mostly taste (My son also didn't like that the re-connect popup went from blue to purple 🤣 )

• Inventory & some other views take long to load since they read from the blockchain. Some of these might be prevented by lazy loading the blockchain part (need to make it clear though, that not everything is loaded)
• The Harvest and Hunt view is extremely inconvenient. That is more problematic the more bees you have. Instead of tapping once, you need to tap up three times (slot, bee and task). While I like the comparison with the queen, it's a chore to go through all of this. A possible solution could be to switch the placement of the available bees and the bees assigned to missions. This would be close to what it was before, but still could keep the stat overview. It should only need a tap on harvest or hunt for assigning bees. Maybe also offer a condensed view, so the user can choose, if they even want to see all these details.

General Feedback
Not sure how to solve this, but it's starting to feel more and more like work. You're basically only repeating what you're doing at a certain point and doing this ever more often, since you keep getting more bees to do so. There should be more convenience added when sending bees on missions (like presets) to prevent having to play for hours to get all tasks done. I think this game also could use some kind of end game, where it's more than just growing, but also putting that growth to use.