Hatching Queen Bee: Brief explanation on difference between generations

Apoorv S

Ragnarok#4472: When hatching a queen bee there should be a explanation on what the difference is between hatching it in generation 1,2 or 3 instead of just a higher shard count. Same thing with hatching bees as it would be good to know if it is better to hatch 3 gen 3 bees or one gen one bee. Also if possible give the player something to do while they wait to combine the shards to make a egg as sometimes it takes quite awhile. Like maybe some kind of mini game? As the queen was made in less than a minute but a regular bee it has been 5 minutes and counting and the shards still haven't been made into a bee egg yet. Turned out to be a bug just closed and re opened game and the egg was formed.


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